The Beatles - The Long and Winding Road (Till Carola)

Running for Life

I lost everything
I lost it all
my soul is a wall of pain

I want to look in your eyes
smile and say
“One day - by train?”

Something is running ahead of us
and we want to know what it is

Is there nothing more than this?
Is there love in the world?

We where all children of our parents
We where all lights of their lives

We cry when those we love is buried
but in life we search the kingdom of lies

I called you and said:
“I want to hear your voice
one more time before you disappear”

Something inside me died
when you cried

The wind
and the ocean
and the soul of mother Love;

Tell her I miss her so much
Tell her about my fear

Your kind eyes
Your soothing skin…

Let us begin a journey in time
Let us hope for the living things

Dreams of Truth
A beautiful Child in the sun

I miss you
and starting to run

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